Authentik Management is an esteemed actor’s agency with a strong focus on discovering and developing new talent. It is extremely rewarding to guide actors at the start of their creative careers. The agency also proudly represents many established artistes and is honoured to play an essential role as they climb to new heights and break through barriers. Authentik aims to place their artistes at the core of every decision, nurturing their creativity and developing their skills. The artiste’s success is our success.

Established in 2017, the agency has its roots in South Africa’s creative capital, Cape Town. Authentik also represents artistes in Johannesburg and Durban and has developed strong connections in the UK and USA. This opens many opportunities to our artistes within a booming industry.

The combined experience of George Heathcote and Nic Leonidas is a powerful partnership. George started his impressive career as a UK agent in 1982 - enough said. Nic has years of experience in various areas within the local film-, theatre- and television industry. Their shared passion for this exciting industry is the foundation on which the company was built.

Authentik continues to expand and recently added a production division. This gives them the opportunity to actively create more work, seek out new talent and improve the quality of local content. It is not about redesigning the wheel, but about finding ways to repair and upgrade an existing model to run a little bit smoother.

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